Urban Agriculture

This conceptual study analyzes the potential of the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM) in Costa Rica to develop urban agricultural production and distribution schemes for short distance food delivery and concumption.

The research focuses on four different aspects and types of urban agriculture: (1) large scale production in clearly defined areas between the urban centers and suburban peripheries of the GAM; (2) distribution schemes throughout a network of farmer markets within the urban centers; (3) to include small scale components for personal consumption within the urban centers, their architecture or immediate surroundings; (4) the design and production of small scale objects to produce organic food locally. It informs urban planning projects such as the C.C.M.E.C., P.N.S.G.A.M, and Trama Verde as well as industrial design projects such as the Farm Bag and the Window Farm. Together with the product design initiative, A Foundation regularly organizes educational courses to optimize personal food diets.

Credits: A Foundation (Oliver Schütte and Marije van Lidth de Jeude with Ronald Fonseca) and Earth University

Location: Greater Metropolitan Area, Costa Rica

Project: Research

Status: Completed

Year: 2006–2010