UNFCCC Headquarters

Design proposal for the new global headquarters of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Bonn, Germany. The building design is derived from its context, mediating between the existing iconic buildings that define the urban landscape in this former governmental district of the ex-capital of West Germany. Being reshaped as a "UN-City", the UNFCCC defines a new centrality within the UN campus. Situated between the historic city center and the rhine valley, the emblematic site is redefined through a series of public plazas, spaces and parks. the seamless integration of the floating building at ground level is responded to by a high-tech architecture with a mix of low-tech components in the upper levels; rainwater harvesting as well as solar and geothermal energy is explored as much as natural ventilation and shading capacities. Creating an integrally sustainable work environment, the building and urban design consequently reflects its occupants' goals and raison d'etre.


A Company (Oliver Schütte, Jose Pablo Gonzalez, Maurcio Rodriguez) with Bas Lagendijk, Torsten Radunski, Yulia Gandasari, Paola Sturla, Bas van Wylick

Structural Engineering: ARUP

Electromechanical Engineering: Jung

Landscape Design: Topotek

Model: Gonzalez

Location: Bonn, Germany

Status: Competition

Year: 2013