Urban Toolbox

The Toolbox for Urban Renewal -or simply the Urban Toolbox- is conceived as a continuous feedback loop, informing and being informed by ongoing projects. It is thus being updated and improved constantly, translating into a catalogue of state of the art housing typologies, commercial spaces, financing mechanisms, neighborhood initiatives, transportation techniques, infrastructural elements, public and recreational spaces, amongst others. It provides an integral set of tools for urban development.

Every new version will include a growing range of examples that can be used in any city by the different stakeholders involved. Projected applications of the Toolbox are: a multidisciplinary game; a workshop layout to support, capacitate and create local intelligence; a printed manual; an interactive web blog including all sections and instruments linked to their practical implementation in specific projects; apps that can be downloaded and used via a step-by-step tutorial.

Ultimately, the Urban Toolbox is aiming at the creation and diffusion of knowledge regarding the development of a sustainable built environment worldwide. A first local chapter was initiated with a workshop module in El Salvador in March, 2012. As a follow up to the workshop, the design of a case study site is being developed in close collaboration with all local actors involved. The project is informed by comparable forerunner projects, such as C.C.M.E.C., P.N.S.G.A.M., and W.T.A..


A-01 (Oliver Schütte, Marije van Lidth de Jeude) in collaboration with *XCOOP (Andrea Bertassi, Cristina Murphy); the case study site in El Salvador was further developed with Nikos Nikolis, Siebe Voogt, Machiel Crielaard and Jose Solis for Cordaid Urban Matters*

Location: Worldwide

Status: Ongoing

Year: 2012-present