Sustainable Cities

Sustainable Cities is an ongoing research platform initiated by A Foundation. The project looks at the potentials and problematics related to mass urbanization at global scale. With more than half of the human population now living in the city, urban development is one of the key topics of our time. Finding sustainable solutions for urban growth is a necessity for enabling a sustainable human development. The project includes interviews with a global cross-section of stakeholders in urban development, from policy makers to architects, sociologists to environmentalists, citizen activists to real estate developers, and so on. Furthermore, Sustainable Cities includes a catalogue of initiatives that aim at sustainable urban development in all parts of the world.

Showcasing best practices from the perspective of an international and interdisciplinary group of professionals, Sustainable Cities presents a selection of contemporary urban conditions as well as solutions that aim at social integration, economic growth, the preservation of nature and an improved built environment. Since 2008, the project has resulted in a series of exhibitions, publications, and conferences. It has informed several of our own works such as the Popular School of Urbanism, which is supported by the Graham Foundation. Among others, Sustainable Cities and its related projects have been presented at the World Urban Forum in Naples, Italy in 2012, the Mundaneum in Managua, Nicaragua in 2015, and the Habitat III in Quito, Ecuador in 2016.


A Foundation (Oliver Schütte and Marije van Lidth de Jeude) with project specific support

Location: Worldwide

Status: Ongoing

Year: 2008-present