Re-Creo© is a newly developed brand for bags and other diversified products made out of reused vinyl from outdoor publicity campaigns. Some of the product ideas were developed in workshops with students of Veritas University in San José, Costa Rica; the event was sponsored as a corporate social responsibility activity by the Costa Rican based outdoor advertisement firm Colorvisión.

For the display of commercial messages on billboards, vinyl is used as the typical printing carrier. As it can be used only once and for a limited lifespan within this context, we developed scenarios for second life options of this resistant and valuable material. We offer a series of bag designs for outdoor and leisure activities that are produced and distributed by vulnerable groups such as migrants or single mothers in Costa Rica. All financial gains of the products are reinvested to benefit those groups. Like this, two sustainability objectives can be fulfilled: to create an environmental solution for a garbage problem that at the same time creates employment for socially and economically marginalized groups.

The brand name stands for (1) the creative process of designing a useful product by resources that are considered useless by others; (2) the intended use in recreational activities; and (3) the spanish word "recreo" also stands for a short office or school break, thus revealing an important message:

Let's a have a break and rethink the way we treat both natural and human capital. This isn't about what we cannot do, it's about what we can. It's time to hold on for a moment and to then move on in a better way.


A Company (Oliver Schütte and Marije van Lidth de Jeude) with *Veritas University and Colorvisión*

Location: Costa Rica

Status: Concept Design and Feasibility Study

Year: 2007-2008