Exploring the social dimension and post-occupancy of the OMA masterpiece; the house and its initial environment were examined and re-considered after the death of the owner. New solutions were proposed to the remaining family members with the objective to create an environmentally and socially sustainable building.

A biological filtration system was developed and installed on site to collect rainwater that can be reused as grey water within the house. The 25 x 2.5 m central collecting basin is also used as an outdoor biological swimming pool; thus reinforcing the connection of the main building with its site and extending the program out of house onto the vast terrain with its splendid nature surround.

The Rebirth of House: "After the death of the owner of the house, the empty vessel that he leaves behind becomes the receptacle for what the rigor of his regime - fatherhood, suffering, combativeness, love - had eliminated from the family's daily life: feminity, informality, hospitality, fun." - Rem Koolhaas


A Company (Oliver Schütte) with *OMA (Rem Koolhaas)*

Consultant for water filtration system: *Elodee / Philippe Rousille*

Soft cushion: ZAK by *Werner van der Meersch*

Location: Bordeaux, France

Status: Completed

Year: 2003-2005