Plaza Liceo Luis Dobles Segreda

Design of a public plaza connecting the existing school Liceo Luis Dobles Segreda to the public space in front of the Museum of Costa Rican Art.

Both buildings create an important urban threshold from the central districts of San José to the east and the urban park of La Sabana to the west. The quality of this historic urban site is currently defined by both environmental pollution through motorized traffic in front of a six lane boulevard disconnecting the park from the city, as well as visual pollution produced by the numerous informal billboard structures that define the image of this part of town.

Taking into account these existing components, we developed a series of three dimensional billboard designs to form an acoustic and visual buffer from the park to the street. The inner volume of the cylindric constructions is covered with plants, providing a fresh micro-climate for seating areas positioned below them. Its roofs are covered with solar panels to provide energy for illumination at night, creating an urban living room to be used 24 hours a day. Secure access to the central districts of San José is provided by a new pedestrian bridge and a tunnel.

In numerous occasions throughout the year, the square can be used as an urban articulator between the city, the park and the street. It becomes a central element in the case of parades being celebrated in this area, such as the Festival of Light or the Costa Rican Independence Day on the 15th of September. The site can be transformed into an open air cinema or concert stage to be used by a broader public; its potential as a temporary urban event space has been simulated throughout a January Monday in the Park.

A missing link for all citizens will be created, benefiting the visitors of the museum and the park or the students of the school on a daily basis. The goal is to create a unique urban and architectural setting, as well as a high quality public space that redefines the facade of the park towards the central districts of San José.


A Company (Oliver Schütte with Ronald Fonseca and Christian Castro) for Colorvisión

Location: San José, Costa Rica

Status: Concept Design

Year: 2010