Northern Pacific Home

The Northern Pacific Home (N.P.H.) forms part of a case study home program developed by A Foundation.

The bioclimatic architecture of this prototype is optimized for its target location at the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, different roof forms have been studied in order to create an optimized protection considering the local climate as well as to allow for an integrated rainwater recollection scenario in rain season. The building position and the layout of its facades have been developed to enable natural ventilation and to protect the interiors from overheating without the need of air conditioning.

The mushroom shaped roof receives rainwater to be stored in an underground recollection container. The stored water body in combination with the elevated base provides a pleasantly cool climate within the building. Warm air is sucked out from underneath the roof by means of an upward draft that can be enhanced or reduced through a series of sliding panels in the façade. In times of user absence, the building can be closed hermetically to protect it from the elements.


A Foundation (Oliver Schütte with José Pablo González and Misael Rodríguez)

Location: Marbella, Costa Rica

Status: Concept Design

Year: 2011-2012