Los Hatillos

Los Hatillos is a satellite city district developed in the 1970's; it lies adjacent to Costa Rica's central capital districts in San José. Today, this low rise development is marked as a no-go zone within the city.

This proposal proposes different systems of urban acupuncture in order to reanimate the public space of the site, to reconnect it to its surrounding nature including the two rivers that border the district to the north and to the south. It is supposed to bring security and life quality back to the approximately 50 000 lower-middle class residents.

A mix use program is developed for a new center as well as for a series of spread service points that would be dotting the redeveloped terrain. Furthermore, the masterplan proposes the redevelopment of the street level as well as the construction of 1000 new residences to be built until 2015.

The full project proposal is developed and designed by the Micropolis group for the national Ministry of Housing and Human Settlements (MIVAH) as well as the National Institute for Housing and Urbanism (INVU) in Costa Rica.


Micropolis (Oliver Schütte with Luis Diego Barahona, Jaime Rouillon, Victor Canas, and Rolando Barahona Sotela)

Location: Los Hatillos, San José, Costa Rica

Staus: Completed

Year: 2007-2008