Living Bridge

The challenge of this work is to create a symbol –in this case a bridge– of the structure of a city that has great historic value –in this case Venice– which involves a new kind of use– in this case a museum-. This new element should speak of its own small urban universe while at the same time it should celebrate the city, whether by association or disassociation.

We choose to disassociate the building's image from its historical context, but to associate with the urban parameters of space and routing typologies; the sensation of labyrinthine streets that include the potential to be spilled out onto the vast opening of a majestic square or to be drawn into a canal’s perspective.

Three programmatic loops –water, land, air– intersect at this location; the inverted "S" of the Canale Grande is replicated and turned into a vertical position in order to connect private, public and semi public program. The individual exhibition spaces are located inside a rigid structure, allowing for any form of alteration to the specific program. Such curatorial flexibility is required in a city of continuous change and challenge; it is reflected in the building's appearance through either aggressive exposure and announcement of actual use or concealment by disguise or protective coloring. Either opaque, translucent or transparent; the boundaries of the building is nothing but the city itself.


A Company (Oliver Schütte with Mike Smith, Robert Garita, Ronald Fonseca and Rodrigo Soley)

Location: Venice, Italy

Status: Competition

Year: 2005