Lapillus II

Design of a trade fair stand connected to a branding study for the Belgian stone manufacturer Lapillus.

In the year 2001, a stand is designed that groups the three types of stone which are primarily supplied through the company. Limestone, granite and marble are presented with all of their finishing options. The companies' excellence in stone cutting is revealed through a series of geometric cuts that create seemingly abstract patterns. Walking around and within the stand, the visitor is able to visually arrange those patterns through the applied anamorphosis that orchestrates the logic of form and position of the stone fragments in space. From three different viewpoints, three rigid geometric shapes occur, thus assembling and unifying the three stone groups in perspective.

The stand is designed in collaboration with Belgian design icon Maarten van Severen.


A Company (Oliver Schütte) with *Maarten van Severen*

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Status: Unbuilt

Year: 2001