La Fise

With a set of interrelated projects, such as the Billboard Building, the Center for Rural Development and Ferrari, we aim at a redefinition of the banal in-between space with its McBuilding style constructions that dominate the urban-suburban landscape in Costa Rica and other sprawled car-dependent societies worldwide; we call it: ©ARCHITECTURE.

In a city of permanent change where no place seems permanent and where orientation is organized along landmarks that may no longer exist: how do you create iconographic places and cognitive reference points? What is the meaning of built heritage and identity in a culture that is providing a neo-colonial solution for the buildings of its favorite chicken fast food chain?

This adaptation of Mexican architect Legoretta’s design and its transformation into a bank branch examines the potential of a single building as well as its initial context that is redefined as a new financial district in San Pedro.


A Company (Oliver Schütte) with *Rouillon Arquitectura (Jaime Rouillon, Luis Mauricio Solís, José Colombari) for La Fise*

Location: San Pedro, Costa Rica

Status: Built

Year: 2005-2006