I Board

The I Board is an intelligent billboard, uniting different programmatic elements in one single structure. The design is developed for Costa Rican based outdoor advertisement company Colorvisión. Based on an analysis of the existing carriers of information, we propose a new toolbox of two and three dimensional objects for the display of commercial outdoor advertising in Central America.

Next to the commercial information, the I Board is equipped with GPS orientation and tracking devices as well as lighting and message boards, informing the passer by about the specific location, cultural activities and traffic congestions. The adaptive billboard system enables digital billboards to change their behavior based on the density of incoming traffic. In slow traffic conditions, more visual information will be displayed, while details are reduced when traffic is fast and drivers only have a sliver of time before the sign whizzes by. Regarding pedestrian traffic, a specific program of site specific information, cultural or social activities as well as the incoming public transport information is displayed on the lower levels of the structure. Crowded sidewalks make it harder to see things, so the messages become simplified for the benefit of an increased visibility.

The design of the I Board is part of a larger performance strategy developed by A Company for Colorvisión, it is called C.A.S.E..


A Company (Oliver Schütte with Ronald Fonseca and Christian Castro) for *Colorvisión*

Location: Central America

Status: Concept Design

Year: 2010