Hatillo Towers

This building design is developed as part of a masterplan for the satellite city Los Hatillos, which is located south of the center of San José. The full project proposal is developed and designed by the Micropolis group for the national Ministry of Housing and Human Settlements (MIVAH) as well as the National Institute for Housing and Urbanism (INVU) in Costa Rica.

The building design corresponds to our research on bioclimatic architecture; shape and structure are defined by the building position and exposure to the tropical climate.

The individual floor plans are broken up into segments that can be purchased individually or as a group; this principle will allow the user of the building to create social clusters and to combine residential with commercial or productive activities.

The central service core is ventilated and connected to a series of hanging gardens that perforate the facade. Those collective green areas create the vertical equivalent of the green lungs that perform a system of urban acupuncture in the masterplan of the larger site.


Micropolis (Oliver Schütte with Luis Diego Barahona, Jaime Rouillon, Victor Canas, and Rolando Barahona Sotela)

Location: Los Hatillos, San José, Costa Rica

Status: Concept Design

Year: 2007–2008