With a set of interrelated projects, such as the Billboard Building, the Center for Rural Development and La Fise, we aim at a redefinition of the banal in-between space with its McBuilding style constructions that dominate the urban-suburban landscape in Costa Rica and other sprawled car-dependent societies worldwide; we call it: ©ARCHITECTURE.

In this project, we designed the first showroom and branding campaign for Italian car manufacturer Ferrari in Costa Rica, the store is built in San José's high end district Escazu. The interiors of the shop can be subdivided into a sales and office area or used as a single presentation and conference space. The rooms are naturally ventilated; they are covered by a uniform polycarbonate ceiling.


A Company (Oliver Schütte) with *Rouillon Arquitectura (Jaime Rouillon, Luis Mauricio Solís, José Colombari) for a private client; image courtesy of Ferrari*

Location: Escazu, Costa Rica

Status: Built

Year: 2004