Communication 4 Development

The project aims at strengthening the information and communication management capacities of rural organizations, indigenous groups, NGOs and networks, in order to promote sustainable agricultural and rural development in Nicaragua and Mesoamerica. It is executed by SIMAS (Mesoamerican Information Service for Sustainable Agriculture) and financed by the European NGOs ICCO, HIVOS and VeCo. A mid term evaluation of the project was realized by the Centre of Rural Development Studies (CDR) in order to (1) measure the achievements regarding the expected results and define the impacts of the work of SIMAS; (2) obtain inputs and give recommendations for SIMAS’ strategic plan for 2009–2013; and (3) give recommendations for their strategy to diversify funds and achieve financial sustainability.


A Company (Marije van Lidth de Jeude) with CDR (Alejandro Uriza)

Client: ICCO, HIVOS, VeCo

Location: Nicaragua

Scope: Capacity Building

Status: Completed

Year: 2008