C.A.S.E. is a corporate identity as well as a corporate social responsibility vehicle for the Costa Rican based outdoor advertisement firm Colorvisión. C.A.S.E. stands for commercial, architectural, social and environmental components to be developed in order to improve the company's competitiveness and designs, create social value and stimulate recycling activities.

Competitiveness: All proposed activities aim at strengthening the competitiveness of the company and to distinguish their products from existing pirate structures that augment the “visual pollution” created, among others, by the existing legal and illegal structures of outdoor advertisement. In recent years, those structures have created an undesired visual dominion over the urban landscape. They are considered an obstacle by many, resulting in a recent call for a complete abandonment of this viable but visually disturbing economy. Our consultancy shows how to integrate instead of dissolving the business, how to create a broader value for the image of the city at large and the use of the individual objects in particular. It includes various proposals or “visual solutions” to incorporate commercial information in the urban architecture and landscape in combination with newly designed carriers of information and messages.

Improved designs: Our consultancy also includes a proposal for associative urban furniture to be applied throughout the firm's main markets in Central America. This part of the works is co-commissioned by three competitive firms in order to create an agreement on the basic dimensions and proportions that are shared and applied by the different service providers in order to distinguish their products from illegal competitors. The family of newly designed objects unites different functions besides the display of commercial, social or cultural messages, such as outdoor furniture components or information regarding the specific location of the individual structures (eg. tourist maps, street names or detailed calendars of cultural activities). Additional GPS supported functions for traffic control and an improved LED display of the messages according to actual traffic flows generate a new type of object named I Board. A generic design toolbox that uses shipping containers as a base has been developed in the T.B.C. project. Site specific studies for a better integration of message boards with their urban and architectural surroundings have been developed for representative urban locations, such as the Billboard Building or the Plaza Liceo Luis Dobles Segreda.

Social value: Corporate social responsibility refers to the responsibility of a company regarding the impacts of its decisions and activities for the society and the environment. It requires transparency and ethical behavior at all levels of the company aimed at the well-being and sustainable development of all stakeholders involved (within and outside the company). On the one hand, regarding the C.A.S.E. of Colorvisión, a certain proportion of the available billboards throughout the city will be reprogrammed for cultural, social and personalized messages that can be sent to the company by individuals, resulting in an interactive form of urban graffiti. On the other hand, vulnerable groups are recruited to produce recycled products from disused vinyl, which is the main carrier of the displayed messages on the commercial billboards.

Recycling activities: We developed a series of second life options for the different types of garbage that are produced by outdoor advertisement; mostly considering the vinyl on which the commercial, social and cultural messages are printed. Some of the product ideas were developed throughout a series of workshops with students at Veritas University, including hand-, surf-, or farm bags, biodigestors, truck canvases, roofing for low cost or emergency housing modules, and tents. The products are produced by and for the benefit of vulnerable groups in Costa Rica; the overall product series is labeled Re-Creo.

Together with these four main activities, we designed a logo to represent the interests of Colorvisión on its main markets in Central America. The iconographic barcode is generated through the colored stripes of the seven Central American countries’ flags.


Team: A Company (Oliver Schütte, Marije van Lidth de Jeude, Laura Jimenez)

Scope: Industrial Design, Media Campaign

Client: Colorvisión

Location: Central America

Status: Completed

Year: 2008-2010