Buscando Ciclovía

This project organizes different groups of civil society to pressure local governance for the construction of bicycle path in Costa Rica's capital San José. Besides identifying the best possible spatial allocation and design of the infrastructure, Buscando Ciclovía -also referred to as the "Collective for a Path"- focuses on citizen education about the pros and cons of non-motorized transport in the expansive urban-suburban development of Costa Rica's Greater Metropolitan Area. Promoting non-motorized transportation implies changing an urban culture that has gotten used to individual motorized traffic in order to reach the focal points of its daily routine. In recent years, this has resulted in preoccupying patterns of traffic congestion, sonic and environmental pollution, as well as a raise in casualties among cyclists and pedestrians.

Buscando Ciclovía organizes workshops, public presentations and events such as Simulacro Ciclovía or 10x10, as well as university workshops about urban design, the environmental condition of the city and possibilities to reclaim public space through active citizen participation. A further educational tool for the understanding and appropriation of built interventions is a comic strip called Urban Legends, which has been developed by A Foundation in collaboration with different actors. In a straight forward way, it informs citizens about the economic, environmental, and social benefits of different urban planning projects or citizen initiatives that aim at the stimulation of a new urban culture in Costa Rica’s Greater Metropolitan Area, such as C.C.M.E.C., Occupy All Street, P.N.S.G.A.M., Rio Urbano, and Trama Verde.


Team: A Foundation (Oliver Schütte and Marije van Lidth de Jeude) with Aconvivir, Bicientrega, Cedarena, Chepecletas, Proyecto Q-adra, Walk-Bike-Change, Tin Jo

Scope: Citizen Initiative Support and Event Organization

Illustration: Cristóbal Santa María Ferdinand and Alejandra Mc Rae Baldi

Location: Costa Rica

Status: Concluded

Year: 2010-2015