Bottom Up stands for a participatory municipal planning process. From June 2007 until July 2008, IDOM lead the collective construction of the regulatory plans for the 31 municipalities of the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM) in Costa Rica. Of these plans, 19 had to be developed from scratch or updated and 12 had to be adjusted according to the new guidelines of the Plan GAM, which is elaborated by PRUGAM. PRUGAM is a governmental program for the regional urban planning of the GAM, co-financed by the Costa Rican Ministry for Housing and Human Settlements and the European Union.

A Company assisted in the participatory process for the making and updating of the 19 municipal plans. It consisted of three workshops phases: (1) Territorial assessment of key themes, obstacles and opportunities; (2) Validation of the assessment and selection of alternatives, objectives and goals; (3) Validation and adjustments of the technical content of the preliminary regulatory plans. In each of the 19 municipalities representatives of the public sector (municipality, governmental institutions), the private sector (real estate, industry and commerce), the communal sector (local organizations and committees), as well as interested inhabitants attended the workshops.


Team A Company (Marije van Lidth de Jeude) with IDOM

Scope: Participatory Workshops for Metropolitan Planning Tools

Client: Costa Rica Ministry for Housing and Human Setllements, European Union

Location: Greater Metropolitan Area, Costa Rica

Status: Completed

Year: 2007-2008