Bicycle Path Cartago

The construction of the bicycle path in Cartago, the old capital of Costa Rica that nowadays forms part of the Greater Metropolitan Area, was financed through the Automobile Club of Costa Rica and their parent organization FIA. The non-motorized infrastructure promotes safer streets for all to share, it has been planned and implemented by the Municipality of Cartago. It was inaugurated in February 2013.

A Foundation supports the construction and use of infrastructure for non-motorized transport in the urban centers of Costa Rica's Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM), as well as an improved public transport connection between the different urban centers of the polycentric network system. In the case of Cartago, we helped organizing a series of events such as the inauguration of the path as well as the celebration of its first anniversary. A Foundation further elaborated the Sustainable Mobility campaign in collaboration with the Municipality of Cartago and the Dutch Embassy in Costa Rica.

Based on a research about the potentials and shortcomings of the current path and its urban setting, elaborated in the context of our Psychology and Environment course at the University of Costa Rica, A Foundation will design a system of bike rental stations to promote and improve the overall bicycle infrastructure within the city.


Team: A Foundation (Oliver Schütte, Marije van Lidth de Jeude, José Pablo González, Misael Rodriguez) with project-specific support

Scope: Education Campaign, Media Campaign, Design Components

Location: Cartago, Costa Rica

Status: Completed

Year: 2012-2015