a.L.U. (actual Living Unit)

How could architecture preempt the varying conditions of inhabiting space? a.L.U. (actual Living Unit) proposes a research methodology about living in the 21st century. It resulted in the development of a toolbox for flexible or mobile housing; an architecture that adapts to place, time, individual living conditions and environment. An infinite number of possible program combinations is created by the extraction of parts of a larger arsenal. The urban toolbox and an architectural kit of parts are obedient to the logic of actual use.

Besides looking into best practices worldwide, this ongoing research program informed some of our housing and urban projects, such as C.R.C.S.H., Container Housing or Progressive Housing, which was applied in the Sintiopia project in Nicaragua. Various possibilities for flexibility schemes in mid-, low- and high-rise developments were developed for the Toolbox 503, the Sustainable Housing project in Costa Rica, as well as the Westelijke Tuinsteden in Amsterdam (W.T.A.).


* Team: A Foundation (Oliver Schütte and Marije van Lidth de Jeude) with project specific support*

Scope: Research

Location: Worldwide

Status: Ongoing

Year: 2002-present