Acupuncturas Monteverdes

What is Monteverde? According to Newsweek, it is one of the 100 places on this planet to be seen before dying. According to local inhabitants, it is a beautiful landscape with a dysfunctional urban center named Santa Elena.

Our urban redevelopment proposal aims at improving the urban condition of Santa Elena through a series of urban acupunctures. The goal is to optimize the functioning of this this 5000 people community in the green heart of Costa Rica as a sustainable local service hub for citizens and tourists alike.

Besides the improvement of public transport and private car parking infrastructure, a pedestrian boulevard will be constructed in combination with a newly designed public plaza and its adjacent community center. A new sports field will be connected to the main village by the iconograhic hanging bridges that are already used in the world-famous natural parks of Monteverde.

A natural filtration system for waste water management will be installed in the newly proposed public park which is situated between village and sports field. A new bicycle track going through and around Santa Elena as well as a series of new public playgrounds and other services such as telephone, illumination etc. will complete the overall offer to the local citizenship as well as its numerous international visitors.


Team: A Company (Oliver Schütte and Marije van Lidth de Jeude with Ronald Carvajal, José Pablo González, Claudia Perez, Randall Quesada, Misael Rodríguez)

Scope: Concept Design and Marketing Study

Client: Chamber of Tourism Monteverde

Location: Santa Elena, Monteverde, Costa Rica

Status: Completed

Year: 2010-2011