A 01 is a multidisciplinary network organization creating integrally sustainable solutions within the fields of urban and rural development. In a globally urbanizing society, we work at the borderline of city and countryside or help identifying new synergies between the urban and the rural domain. Our work methodology is designed to break the boundaries of a single profession or perspective in order to allow for a holistic approach that shapes our products.

We envision a long-term impact that involves economic growth, a high quality spatial surrounding, a responsible use of natural resources and an equal social development. This complex set of factors that we simply refer to as “the 4 E’s” -Economy, Engineering, Environment, and Equity- is researched and brought into an optimized relationship. A topical focus is set depending on the specific project parameters like budget availability, scale, location, and target population.

Each assignment is carried out with a custom fit team of experts and entities, introducing A Company and its non-profit counterpart A Foundation as operational vehicles. The company works as a commercial consulting and planning firm; 
the foundation has at the core of its agenda the investigation, documentation and discussion of transformative urbanization processes with 
its consequences for both the urban and rural condition worldwide.

Our client list includes private enterprises or individuals, public institutions like municipalities or ministries, academic entities, local non-governmental and community based organizations (NGOs and CBOs), as well as bi- and multilateral entities such as United Nations, European Union, the Government of Costa Rica, Dutch development organization HIVOS, the Fair Trade Labelling Organization (FLO), the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Center for Tropical Agriculture Research and Education (CATIE), the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO), INCAE Business School and the University for Peace.