Sustainable Housing Costa Rica


A Company’s proposal was selected as one of eight finalists in a design competition to develop visionary proposals for middle class housing in Costa Rica. The finalists will be evaluated to inform national guidelines on sustainable construction as well as for realization.

The competition is organized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Foundation for Urban Development (FUDEU), the Costa Rican Ministry for Housing and Human Settlements (MIVAH), and Banco Popular.

The international jury is composed of Germán Samper from Columbia, David Morillón from Mexico, and Marcelo Carvalho Ferraz from Brazil. National advisors are sociologist Manuel Argüello, as well as urban planner and expert on local housing policies Gabriel Kleiman.

A Company (Oliver Schütte and Marije van Lidth de Jeude) participated in a multidisciplinary group in collaboration with Costa Rican landscape designer Alberto Negrini Vargas, architects Adrian Aguilar, José Ali Porras, Jorge Luis Aguilar, economist Melissa Soto, as well as Ronald Fonseca and Diego Bastos. Consulting in structural engineering was provided by Orlando Gei, mechanical engineering by Carlos Cordero and electrical engineering by Alvaro Gonzalez.