Design Development Chira


As a mid term result of the Chira Project, six student design proposals for the islands' recycling and community center were presented to representatives of the local community throughout the last week.

A final design will be selected by an international and interdisciplinary jury between December 14 and 20, including biologist Grettel Ulate (Costa Rica), architects Rodrigo Martinez Suarez and Alejandro Vallejo Rivas (Costa Rica), architect Fernando Rios (Colombia / Costa Rica), architect Tobias Holler (Germany / U.S.A.), social entrepreneur Alexis Fournier (Canada / Costa Rica), anthropologist / economist Marije van Lidth de Jeude (Netherlands / Costa Rica) and architect / urbanist Oliver Schütte (Germany / Costa Rica). The selected design will be processed for construction documents to build the center in a participatory process of assisted autoconstruction, including students and locals alike.