NFH Shipping


Throughout the last three months, the components of the No Footprint House (NFH) have been prefabricated in the workshop of SLO in Ochomogo, Costa Rica. SLO had been chosen as a constructor to realize this innovative project by A-01. Coming Saturday, the individual parts of the NFH will be shipped to its final destination in Ojochal, located in the southwest of the country, where they will be reassembled to become the first built prototype of the NFH concept.

The Ojochal house is designed to stay on site permanently, according to the needs of its clients. Future explorations of the concept are currently being developed by the engineering team of A-01 to result in fully de- and remountable structures. Those units will be disconnected from the idea of a building that is fixed to its site once and for all while maintaining a set of flexible variables to adjust to local diversity and site conditions.

The NFH is defined by an overall low ecological footprint in terms of the selection of materials used for construction. Furthermore, a minimal impact in its immediate physical surrounding is created through the floating structural design as well as by harvesting natural resources at affordable cost. The diamond shape of the building is obedient to its surrounding habitat; it will be naturally ventilated along the six main exposed surfaces (facades, floor and roof) while collecting solar energy and rainwater to be reused inside and outside of the building.

In the case of the Ojochal prototype, a single slope roof will be oriented towards the southwest in order to optimize the positioning of its top-mounted thermal collectors. The facades are inclined with an angle of 20 degrees to provide shading all year long around the 360 degrees open floor plan. The allocation of the interior spaces is organized around a central service core, which will efficiently feed the individual spaces. The positioning of the building on site defines a front and a back garden. While the front is used as a social area, the back will be reserved for a biological water filtration system immersed in a lush tropical garden.